DJ CRUWCIAL offers Wedding DJ, DJ Services, and Atlanta DJ services to create unforgettable experiences through the power of music.

My love for music started at a very young age. In my junior high school band I was always chosen as the lead solo act. I was told I had an ear of being able to hear a melody before anyone else could. I started in the basement at the age of 15 blending beats on a desktop computer using a virtual DJ. I got so good that I was making mixtapes for customers for their social events. When I got old enough I purchased my first controller. Before I even did my first gig I would spend hours upon hours for at least a year learning different techniques, and different genres of songs that I wasn’t familiar with. I would do small house parties with desktop speakers because I couldn’t afford to purchase professional speakers at the time. As I continued to work hard and build my craft I became a household name with family and friends; which means that I started making more money and in turn was able to upgrade my equipment to a professional level. I now have been djing for over 15 years and am in high demand because of my experience and versatility. I now travel domestically and internationally, keeping the world grooving and having fun!